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When Is It Time To Replace Your Gate?

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When Is It Time To Replace Your Gate?

Is It Time To Replace Your Gate? | Gate Repair La Mesa, CA

Sometimes a broken-down security gate is obvious to spot, due to physical damage, blooming rust and other visual "bruising". Unfortunately, sometimes the damage these systems take can be latent, making it nearly impossible to tell when you need to have your gate restored or replaced. If you're unsure about the condition of your driveway gate, then this guide will help you spot tell-tale signs of trouble, so that you can determine whether or not it is time to replace it. Just remember, if you find yourself in need of urgent assistance, Gate Repair La Mesa is here to help.

Unusual Gate Behavior

The first way to tell if there's a  is to keep an eye on your gate’s movement while keeping an ear out for any strange sounds coming from the opener, the track or hinges. An odd sound emanating from your motor, or jittery gate movement could mean that some part of the system probably needs some adjustment, or that there's a more serious problem at hand. Gate opener repairs may be required, but if you find that you find yourself having to call a service technician more and more frequently, replacing the opener may be advisable.

Maintenance May Be Too Late

It always surprises us just how many people neglect to carry out routine maintenance on their driveway and security gates. Avoiding maintenance will put needless strain on your system over time, as improperly lubricated parts will wear down  more quickly and more problems will crop up. If you haven’t been on the ball with your gate’s upkeep and it's been acting up lately, you may need to have repairs or replacements conducted fairly soon. Of course, maintenance is a long-term investment, not an immediate fix, so if you've had your gate for many years now, it may be too late and replacing the system would actually be preferable and less costly (in the long run).

Not As Pretty As It Used To Be

This may seem like a superficial reason to replace a gate, but there's justification for it. Old wooden gates that have rotted or metal ones that have given way to rust are not only an eye-sore.  They can actually lower the value of your property. Also, a gate in bad condition won't be providing you with the level of protection you expect it to. If your gate looks like it barely survived a war, then replacing would be very beneficial. At any rate, regardless of how old the system is, security gate repairs should always be carried out as soon as possible whenever you encounter a problem.


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