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Is your driveway gate giving you problems? If so, there's no better way to deal with that than to simply give us a call. But if you're looking for answers to some common questions many gate owners tend to ask, give the following FAQs a look.

Which gate should I get?

When deciding on what style of gate to install, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the size of your driveway. If you have a narrow driveway then a swing gate may be just the right style for you. Sliding gates are more suitable for wider driveways, as they need space to occupy when they open. You can also consider getting a bi-folding gate or a rising arm barrier, if space limitations prevent you from getting one of the two more common types. As for the material, it's up to you, but consider the fact each option has different pros and cons in terms of maintenance requirements, durability level, and curb appeal.

Are there advantages to using swing gates?

Swing gates are not without their advantages. They may not be the most practical option, but they offer significant benefits, especially when it comes to curb appeal. A wrought iron swing gate, in particular, has a certain sense of prestige that's hard to ignore. They are also easier to install since they basically only need to be hinged onto posts or the walls in order to move. While there are extra wheel options that can be installed, those aren't mandatory, albeit they are sometimes recommended. Also, swing gates are optimal for narrow driveways without a lot of space to the sides.

What should I do if my gate is jammed?

Don’t try to force the gate open. First, check for obstructions and see if the photosensors are aligned properly. Even a small amount of dirt in the tracks can affect the movement of the wheels and even prevent them from moving, so check for that as well. If you have a swing gate, take a look at the hinges and see if rust started to bloom on them. The issue may also involve the opener hydraulics or its electrical components. Usually, this type of problem should merit seeking the help of a gate repairman. As it happens, we know just the one to call.

Where should I install gate control devices?

Gate access control systems must be installed close to the actual gate. It's important that they aren't too close so that people can reach them through the bars of the gate, as that would - obviously - be a security concern. The exact distance depends on what type of control device it is. Wireless keypads, for example, don't require a direct connection, but they will have limited range, so they'll need to be somewhere close enough to work. Gate Repair La Mesa will happily help you with this, so don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

How do I open an automatic gate manually?

If your gate doesn’t unlock automatically when the opener isn't getting power, look for the manual release system attached to it. Some manual releases require a key to open, so make sure you know where that is. Once you’ve turned the lever or handle, you should be able to open the gate by hand. There will likely be resistance, so push steadily, but don’t force it. The last thing you want is to accidentally damage the system in any way.


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