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We answer your questions about gate repair and maintenance simply, so that you can avoid mistakes and follow the right methods. Are you confused regarding which gate is best for you and which one is safer? Find out more about gate matters here.

  • What should I do if my gate is jammed?

    Don’t try to force the gate open. Check for obstructions and see if the photocells are operating properly. Even a small amount of dirt can affect photocell operation.

  • Are there advantages in using swing gates?

    Swing gates are not without their advantages. They may not be the most practical option in most cases, but offer some benefits as well. Generally, they are the less expensive option. They are also easier to install since they basically only need to be hinged onto posts or the walls.

  • Where should I install gate control devices?

    Gate access control systems must be installed 10 feet away from the actual gate. You must not reach them through the rails of the gate. It's a preventive measure for the avoidance of accidents since people have been trapped when the system was activated.

  • Are gates safe?

    Your steel gate will be safe as long as you play by the rules and do maintenance service frequently. Good inspection of the parts and opener system and their immediate repair when they are worn is the best way to ensure safety according to Gate Repair La Mesa.

  • What is the standard ground clearance?

    The ground clearance standard that is followed by most gate installers is two inches. However, in some cases it can be up to one inch but the grade should be level so as to not interfere with the swinging of the gate. Ground clearance can also be increased, as our experts in La Mesa say.

  • Deciding on the Mode of Operation

    If you decide to get a gate that is automated, think of the mode of operation you would like to use. According to experts from Gate Repair La Mesa, there are two basic types of operation. Make sure to get the type that fits your preferences and home.

  • Deciding on What to Get

    When deciding on what style of gate to install, experts of Gate Repair La Mesa suggest you take into consideration the size of your driveway. If you have a narrow driveway the swing gate is just the right style for you. Sliding gates are fine with wider driveways but you could also consider getting the bi-folding gate or a rising arm barrier.

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