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There are things even a layman can do to help keep their driveway gate in good repair and avoid catastrophic failures. Read on for some free tips from our technicians about how to take care of your system.

Improve your gate with an intercom system

Today, technology is extremely helpful when it comes to the reinforcement of doors and gates are often the first line of defense for many La Mesa residents and those who live nearby. If you don't have one yet, consider installing a gate intercom system, which will allow you to have verbal and visual communication (provided there are security cameras) with the people waiting to come onto your property. This is an excellent security and convenience enhancement that's well worth getting.

If it's not automated yet... Now is the time

Residential gate openers will basically make your life much safer. It's better to use a gate remote in order to access your driveway rather than having to step out of the car to open the gate manually. Of course, with the modern models available today, your automatic gate can also be operated via your smartphone, so you won't even have to remember to take the remote or worry about batteries dying out on you, as long as you get an opener with Wi-Fi compatibility.

The convenience of a loop detector

A loop detector is a special device dug underneath the driveway that detects the presence of a vehicle when one rolls over to stand on top of it. It can then automatically send a signal to the driveway gate system, which can then open automatically, allowing you or a departing guest to exit without anyone having to operate the gate remotely or manually. Of course, the loop detector needs to be installed behind the gate and not in front of it. You don't want just any approaching car to be able to get in without your permission.

Do what you can to combat rust

Rust is one of the major problems of steel and wrought iron gates. It can slowly but surely weaken the metal parts until hinge repair or track replacement becomes necessary. Be sure to replay a protective coating to the relevant parts and use a lubricant and a rust repellant on your gate hinges and other moving metal parts regularly, to delay the onset of this brown-orange plague for as long as possible.

Basic electric gate troubleshooting may save you some time

Troubleshooting an electric system entails doing a few visual inspections first, such as checking to see that there are no obstructions in the tracks. If it's a swing gate, be sure to check the hinges for rust and make sure there's nothing in the way of the moving leaf or leaves. The next thing you need to examine is the power source to the gate opener and the battery of the remote. You can also check to see if you can open the gate manually when you disengage the operator. Other than these simple troubleshooting measures, you should leave any other necessary work to your local gate repair specialists – that's us.


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