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Different Kinds Of Gates

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Different Kinds Of Gates

Kinds Of Gates | Gate Repair La Mesa, CA

Whether your property is large or small, and whether you’re looking for a modern or vintage entry system, there’s a unit to suit your needs. If the common and classic styles don't suit your fancy, you can always get a custom made gate built to ensure that it looks and works exactly how you want it to.

Sliding Gate Systems

As the name suggests, this design slides sideways to allow entry. This has advantages if you have little space in front of or behind your driveway opening; it takes next to no room to install, and so is ideal for compact situations. However, it does require much more space to the side of the driveway - the width of the driveway plus 3 feet is usually the recommended measurement.

¾ Split Driveway Gates

Most entry systems are designed to allow cars to pass through easily. However, if you’re on foot, it can be awkward to get through a system that’s designed for vehicles. This design creates a pedestrian-sized entryway that’s ideal for visitors to use if they’re on foot. It’s important to bear in mind that the larger of the two gate leaves must be fully supported on one side, and as such this design may not be suitable for larger driveways.

Swing Gate Systems

Operating in a similar way to the doors in your home, these gates move smoothly out of the way when required, in a ninety degree angle, or close to that. This design is perfect when there’s plenty of space in front of or behind the driveway to allow the leaves to open fully. However, it can be difficult to install this type of system on an incline, since the leaves may struggle to move their full distance before meeting the ground.

Options For Gate Materials

Different designs suit different properties, and there’s a huge range of styles to choose from. Your new system can be built from metals, such as steel, aluminum or wrought iron, depending on your preference, or made from a variety of different types of wood instead. Each type of material can also be colored in a range of styles, so whether you’re looking for a smart, modern entry system or a classic vintage gate, there’s always an option that can suit your property.


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